Compared with 1980s and 90s, today’s healthcare providers (HCPs) face more stress and less downtime. Fee-for-service insurance has given way to managed care, with its attendant demands for more (and shorter) patient visits and mountains of paperwork, an aging patient population requires care that is increasingly complex and time consuming, and medical knowledge is expanding more rapidly than ever before, mandating that doctors find new ways to keep on top of new products, guidelines and trends.

As a result, HCPs are turning increasingly to online resources for medical information, while at the same time a growing number of HCPs are restricting representative access. Together these challenges are pressing pharma executives to identify and deploy novel communication strategies that HCPs increasingly prefer and respond to. In other words, today’s marketers must establish a new value proposition: Deliver to each HCP what they want, when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it.*

Aligning the sales force from traditional canvas field representative to hybrid representatives is one of the major challenges facing pharma in the years to come. Hybrid representatives have defined geographic territories and specific sets of target HCPs, just like typical field representatives. But they reach their physicians through a variety of channels (eg, face-to-face, phone, and video) and at times (eg, work day, after hours, weekends) that are preferred and most convenient for each physician. This model is proving to be very popular with physicians; 72% of survey respondents want “more” or “significantly more” hybrid representatives calling on them.*

Using iPrezentr you can start experimenting with multichannel HCP interaction or speed up the transition when your organization is ready to move forward.

eHealthnordic help the industry align their initiatives with the expressed needs of the individual HCP in a structured and scalable way.

We are the people behind iPrezentr ™ the multichannel virtual selling platform used to interact with HCPs using direct iPad details, remote sessions or self detailers. iPrezentr manage and sync your digital assets to your sales force, track their performance and optimize the sales process.

* Publicis Healthcare – 2012 What Physicians Want survey