This is a huge opportunity for the industry to deliver tools and treatment solutions that increase the efficiency of the HCPs while improving treatment efficacy. The industry can add to their value proposition by delivering new ways for HCPs to get more informed about the latest development within specific therapies. In addition, supplying tools which can help the HCP become more efficient and deliver better care for his patients.

At this workshop we identify digital opportunities which can add value to your current sales and marketing mix.

  • Determining the business objectives for a therapy area or a product
  • Identifying behavioral pattern which we wish to change or leverage
  • Examining current Sales and Marketing mix from a ROI perspective
  • Learnings from successful tactics
  • Identifying potential digital tactics
  • Prioritizing tactics
  • Measurements and KPI´s
  • Building the plan

Output of the workshop will be a tactical plan with identified tools, business cases, ball park costs and timelines.

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