In the past years the number of no-see HCPs have increased and it will likely continue to increase until the industry substantially change the role of their reps from traditional canvas product pitches to consulting that address the needs of the individual HCP.

Studies have shown that an HCP is more likely to open an email from a sales representative that an email sent from the company. This underlines the importance of the sales representative being granted permission to correspond with the HCP through email and other online initiatives.

A permission that should be obtained during those valuable Face-to-Face calls, to ensure continuity in communication despite the limitation of the physical meetings.

eHealthnordic help the industry align their initiatives with the expressed needs of the individual HCP in a structured and scalable way.

We are the people behind iPrezentr ™ the multichannel virtual selling platform used to interact with HCPs using direct iPad details, remote sessions or self detailers. iPrezentr manage and sync your digital assets to your sales force, track their performance and optimize the sales process.