HCPs are spending an average of 44 hours a month researching medical issues that are relevant to their practice. That is an astounding 73 times more time than they spend with reps from the industry. These numbers call for a change in way the industry interact with the HCPs.

Personal interaction is still very important – but the way the industry has used its most valuable assets – its sales force – is rapidly changing. Not only is the ROI from traditional canvas sales strategies evaporating, but the reps may fill a much more valuable role in the HCPs day to day operation.

HCPs are embracing digital offerings and the industry has a huge opportunity to deliver better solutions in this space. By focusing on transferring some of the traditional calls to online interactions, the sales representative have the opportunity to concur some of the time the HCP spend online – if the sales representative can meet the need of the HCP at that given time.

The HCPs want access to qualified subject matter experts that can help them help their patients better, faster, cheaper and more efficient – and they want it outside business hours, when they are not having patients sitting in line in the waiting room.

Ensuring that the sales representatives are equipped to meet these needs are becoming increasingly important for attracting the attention of the HCPs.

eHealthnordic help the industry align their initiatives with the expressed needs of the individual HCP in a structured and scalable way.

We are the people behind iPrezentr ™ the multichannel virtual selling platform used to interact with HCPs using direct iPad details, remote sessions or self detailers. iPrezentr manage and sync your digital assets to your sales force, track their performance and optimize the sales process.