Empowering the sales representative by giving him/her more options for engaging with the customers is vital in today’s world where access to customers is an obstacle and where customers seek information in their own time and when they need it.

This is a challenge for the current metrics mostly used to measure the success of sales representatives in the fields. When more customer interactions are moved to other channels the metrics needs to be changed from number of meetings, frequency planned vs. canvas meetings to the one metric that is important for moving HCPs preferences – “Minutes Spend on Messages” (MSM), regardless of whether minutes are spend during a Face-to-Face meeting or at a detailer.

HCP´s spend an increasing amount of time online compared with Face-to-Face meeting with sales representatives – the battle of the future is to get a larger proportion of the online minutes the HCP spend to search for product-, medical- or educational information.

During the workshop we discuss the following topics with the aim of optimizing the share of Online MSM through empowerment of the sales force.

  • ”Death of a Salesman” or leveraging your Sales force
  • New opportunities of customer engagement – where to interact with HCP´s and how to do it.
  • Virtual selling – changing the role and responsibility of the sales rep from face to face detailing to multi-channel engagement.
  • Identifying the KPI´s in virtual selling – steering, interacting and optimizing on high customer engagement and expectations
  • The virtual selling process – the end of the sales speech and sales-funnel?
  • Virtual selling and reporting – automatic tracking of KPI´s, milestones and “Minutes spend on Messages” (MSM)
  • Birth of a “Sales Channel Representative”

If you use our multi-channel optimization tool – iPREZENTR™, the workshops will include a breakdown of high and low performing initiatives based on captured behavioral tracking from the platform.

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