The ROI of the traditional sales force is imploding – according to research by Business Insights Limited only 20 in a 100 calls are getting face time with the HCP and only 8 of them leave a memorable impression.

While this may seem threatening to the industry, it actually holds a lot of promise The HCPs are spending an astounding 73 times as much time researching online than meeting with industry reps. The HCPs have a lot of unfulfilled needs and are investing a lot of time trying to find answers themselves.

This represents a huge opportunity for the industry to play a more active role in servicing the HCPs online in combination with offline activities. While traditional sales approaches has been centered around Face-to-Face meetings, measuring access, number of meetings and frequency, the way of the near future is measuring the quality time spent on messages whether it is online or offline – time which should benefit the sales representative. Changing KPI´s of the sales representative from visits to touch points – quality time spent on messages from multi-channel activities.

eHealthnordic help the industry align their initiatives with the expressed needs of the individual HCP in a structured and scalable way.

We are the people behind iPREZENTR™ the multichannel virtual selling platform used to interact with HCPs using direct iPad details, remote sessions or self detailers. iPREZENTR™ manage and sync your digital assets to your sales force, track their performance and optimize the sales process.